Experience with RKIT – Mr. Kiran Laturkar 

We, at Skill Gurukul, are associated with RKIT for more than three years, complementing their technical and soft skill workshops with our expertise.
Our experience with RKIT has been quite positive. We found them to be extremely professional in their approach. They have found a very structured way to meet the manpower requirements of the industry (especially fresh graduates) by conducting very specialised, focused and appropriate type of training.
Technology is advancing rapidly and most of the universities are not able to keep pace with it. As a result, IT companies find it difficult to get people trained in newer technologies. That gap is aptly filled in by RKIT.
The technical training workshops are conducted by well known and industry-respected faculty members, who have plenty of hands-on experience. The teaching methodology and approach are highly practical oriented, which make the students ready for the job on day one.
This technical training is supplemented by coaching on various soft skills like verbal communication and aptitude skills, which is conducted by experienced in-house and external industry specialists.

We are very happy to be part of RKIT group.


Experience with RKIT:  Mr. Prem Apte 

Over the years, ‘Aptitude Skill’ has become arguably the most critical skill for fresh graduates to acquire a suitable job through campus selection. Because of the ever-increasing number of students aspiring for jobs, the recruiting companies have started treating ‘Aptitude Test’ as the stage of “elimination” rather than “selection”. This helps them in reducing the number of candidates to a manageable level so that the next stage of evaluation/selection can be more focused.

From the students’ perspective, it becomes extremely important to cross this step. It is not a very easy due to the following reasons:

– ‘Aptitude Skill’ is not a part of the University curriculum

– Many colleges do not have the infrastructure or resources to impart this coaching, nor do they make any external arrangements

– The competition is tough because of the sheer number of students appearing at this stage

– Aptitude tests are getting more and more difficult because of newer topics getting included

– At times, there is a tendency on the part of the students to take it lightly because the underlying topics cover middle-school mathematics

Whereas it is true that the basis for most of the aptitude test questions is basic mathematics, the two crucial factors, because of which many a student is not able to clear this stage, are time limit and lack of practice.
Since the average time to solve a question is generally less than a minute, it is extremely important for the students to not only know the theory, but also be aware of techniques, tricks and short-cuts to solve various problems within a minimum amount of time, AND correctly!
We, at Skill Gurukul, specialise in, first, increasing the confidence level of the students; second, explaining to them about the correct approach/methods for different types of questions; and finally giving them plenty of guided, hands-on practice in solving a variety of problems – to be supplemented by more practice afterwards.

For Skill Gurukul, Aptitude Workshops are conducted by very experienced and knowledgeable faculty, thus giving the students the benefit of their vast industry experience.

Student Feedback Name: Saurabh Botre

Undergrad School: MIT College of Engineering, Pune
Graduate School: University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Qualification: M.S (Computer Science)

Though the training was intensive and demanding, I found the content of the course really useful. Effective teaching techniques helped me. Learning more about different technologies, how to write quality code, made me more confident.

Having different opportunities to do projects, as well as observing peers made me observe different styles of coding techniques and helped me find my own coding style. Applying different techniques helped me get to get all-around experience. Practice sessions created unique opportunities to experience and excel.

Not only technology but communication is a key aspect to work in any industry. At RKIT, communication sessions are as good as tech sessions.
On the whole, my experience with RKIT was very useful and under the close supervision of knowledgeable tutors made more pleasant for me.

Will always prefer RKIT if I want to learn new technologies.
The training helped me to excel at my first job at e-Zest Solutions. I am currently a Software Developer for LaborEdge LLC in the USA.
Thanks for all the efforts by Vivek Sir and Shilpa Madam. Will always remember the time spent at RKIT“.

Student Feedback 2014: Chandan Jawale, Software engineer at Opcito Technologies, Pune, India

“I had joined RKIT in 2014 for doing a course on Java with the perspective of securing a job in the IT industry. I was a complete fresher (Mechanical Engineer) back then and did not have any understanding of the IT industry or the skillsets needed for securing a job whatsoever.

The RKIT team helped me a lot in this journey by helping me to achieve my target of securing a great job wherein I started off by working in the domain I really wanted.

When I joined RKIT, I found the RKIT team to be supportive and helpful.

I found the course to be very well designed and is distributed over a period of 3 months, it gave beginners and intermediate students sufficient time for picking up on the fundamentals as well as the advanced concepts of the course.

Mr.Vivek Kulkarni is very well versed in the technologies he teaches and this helps the students to ramp up very quickly because of his expertise.

I would like to add that he has a very unique methodology of teaching which involved in-lecture fun and knowledge sessions wherein he would share his experiences/stories (which would range from the driving principles of our Veda systems to Current affairs) and many other fun facts which made learning with him more fun.

Apart from the course syllabus, Mrs Shilpa Prabhu also helped us by conducting additional sessions for personality development, communication skills and interview skills to help us face interviews for jobs. The tips she shared during those sessions continue to help us even today”.

 Student feedback: Amol Koshti

I am from RKIT 2008 batch. Before joining, RKIT offered us 4 months Java training along with SCJP 1.5 certification and Job in Vertex Software. As promised, RKIT placed me in Vertex Software Pvt. Ltd.

At the time we finished our college in 2008, getting job was very difficult because of recession but we were lucky to join RKIT. We got quality training and the job where I am still working.

Student Feedback: Ritvik Pandya, at Zensar Technologies

“The best team of faculties that I have ever experienced in my life !!
The approach was excellent, depth was great and experience of the faculties raised our confidence.”

Student Feedback: Onkar Ruikar, at Persistent Systems

“Program was more practical rather than theory. All concepts were totally cleared through practicals.”

Student Feedback: Abhishek Kumar, at Persistent Systems

“You will find a firm direction in your carrier. Before this programme. I was feeling worthless, Sir gave me practical knowledge and now I f feel very confident.”

Student Feedback: Vaibhav Kotalwar, at Websym Technologies

“Excellent work environment, overall development by presentations, guest lectures and unlimited help and guidance.”

Student Feedback: Pushpahas Patankar, at Vertex Software

“Excellent teaching technique and in-depth knowledge of faculty member.”

Student Feedback: Amit Zambad, Oracle Certified Associate Java Developer, Java Software Developer, e-Zest

“Highly Recommended!! I did JAVA Training from RKIT and I am thoroughly pleased with not only the ease with which the course unfolded but also the expertise, knowledge, and guidance that Vivek Sir and the team were able to offer me. I can say that my  Success and Satisfaction with my Profession is return Gift from team RKIT “