Q. 1. What is Ramkrishna IT and how is it different from others?

A. 1. Ramkrishna IT is a ‘Training Partner’ to IT companies. Ramkrishna IT is a ‘connect’ between the candidates and IT Industry to make candidates ‘Employable’ through their Industry training in Technology and Business Communication.

  • Ramkrishna IT is different than others in many ways. To list few:
  • Ramkrishna IT provides ‘full time hands-on’ training in Programming.
  • Ramkrishna IT team/ trainers have 20+ years of experience in IT Industry with ‘in-depth’ knowledge in programming.
  • Ramkrishna IT’s syllabus is designed to suit Industry expectations with ‘Real-life Problem Statements’.

Q. 2. Why do I join Ramkrishna IT?

A. 2. To be ‘Employable’ and ‘Job Ready’ with Job Opportunities to meet your Dream job. To join as a ‘Trained Resource’ in a company.

To be ‘Well-equipped’ as a ‘Full-stack Developer’ with Technical and Professional Skills before joining the company through our customised syllabus.

To get yourself groomed as a ‘True Professional’ before you enter the ‘Professional’ world’.

Q. 3. Which ‘Technologies’ do I get to learn through Ramkrishna IT’s ‘Employability Program’?

A. 3. An Overview of the syllabus: Logic Development, C, C++, Core Java, OOPs, Arrays, Javascript, JSP/ Servlet, Angular, HTML, CSS, Database, Mini Projects, Intro to Agile, Multithreading, Generics, JDBC, Spring MVC, Hibernate.

Customised syllabus for KPIT: Technology, Electronics, and Business Communication.

Q. 4. What do I learn in ‘Business Communication’ sessions of Ramkrishna IT’s ‘Employability Program’?

A. 4. An Overview of syllabus: Verbal, Listening and Writing Skills, Comprehension, Narration, Story-telling, English Grammar, Content chunking, Email writing, Prosperity Journal, Mind-Maps, Situation based problem solving, Prioritisation, Presentation skills, Autobiography writing, Creative Thinking skills, Skits, Body language, Mind Programs, Leadership, Professional skills.

Q. 5. Which Training Programs does Ramkrishna IT conduct and for whom?

A. 5. Ramkrishna IT conducts the following training for Engineers with Computer Science, IT, Electronics and EnTC:
Hire and Train Program (For Freshers).

Job Readiness Program (For Job seekers, Freshers or Experienced).

Corporate Training Programs (For Existing Employees in IT Industry).

Q. 6. Will I work on Ramkrishna IT’s payroll? Will I get the Salary, stipend during the Training? Will I get a Certificate?

A. 6. No. Not on Ramkrishna IT’s payroll. You will work on the companies payroll which you join.

No. You will Not get Salary, Stipend during the Training period. Salary will start Only after joining the company.

Yes. Ramkrishna IT awards each student with a Certificate on Alumni Meet Day every year.

Q. 7. Which Skills will I be an expert after Employability, Full-time Hands-on training?

A. 7. Ramkrishna IT’s Employability, Full-time Hands-on training transforms you with ‘Programming Skills’, ‘Interview skills’, ‘Thinking skills’, ‘Problem-Solving’ skills to make you Job Ready.

Q. 8. Where will the training be conducted?

A. 8. Ramkrishna IT is located in Pune near Nal Stop, Erandwane. Training will be conducted in Pune..

Q. 9. What are the Training Timings at Ramkrishna IT?

A. 9. The Training Timings at Ramkrishna IT are from Monday thru Saturday: 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Q. 10. What will be my designation after successful completion of RKIT training program?

A. 10. You will join as a Programmer/ Software Developer in a company.

Q. 11. What are the success mantra of Ramkrishna IT and their students?

A. 11. The success mantra of Ramkrishna IT and their students are:

  • Technical Expertise and
  • Belief in: “Thoughts become Things”